Monday, August 26, 2013

Dancing raindrops.

I can hear and see the raindrops dancing on my window.
I love it when it rains, so I have a reason to squeeze under a blanket and spend the day with a good range of films and junk food without any bad conscience. I still have a photo of me and my sister when we were kids in our new pelerines, just waiting for rain. Of course, we were wearing them inside on a sunny day, when we first got them. And nothing could convince us otherwise. The memories of my childhood are a little blurry but I will never forget our movie nights and our dad taking us watching every movie you can imagine.
I adore movies with a deeper meaning, not just love clich├ęs, but something unexpected, something that shock you in the end. I have never been afraid of horror movies, even when I was a kid. Actually, I have always prefered scary movies, rather than some cheesy comedy or love story. 

So.. I made a list of movies (I could go on and on.. but I had to select just a few), for which I know are worth of your time. I have watched all of these movies so many times and every one of them is brilliant.

(Outfit: Blazer: Vintage Brooch: Vivienne Westwood Jumpsuit: Topshop Bag: H&M)
Thank you my lady Stardust & Roses for the pictures.

Alpha dog : White oleander : Blow : Imaginary heroes : Trainspotting : The pianist : Amelie :  Goodfellas : Moulin Rouge! : The devil wears Prada : Gia : American beauty : Requiem for a dream : The Count of Monte Cristo
Hope you're sipping some good tea, not freezing.

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