Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spontaneous sunday.

Sunday is a perfect day to do absolutely nothing. Take advantage of a sunny day and spontaneously drive far away to unknown place, somewhere you've never been before.
Bring a blanket, snacks, some good music and you're good to go.
I always have the best time when I'm spontaneous. Last winter we drove with my boyfriend to Ig, walked deep into the woods and found a small cottage. Making snow angels in the freezing snow wasn't one of my best ideas, but that was the best cold day in year 2012. 
I can only dream about winter nowThis year, summer it's so damn hot, I can not handle it anymore.
Today you can find me barricaded in my air-conditioned living room with popsicle in my hand, staring at 3 hour movie.  

I hope you are somewhere where lovely breeze is blowing.

(Outfit: Shoes: Zara Blazer: H&M Shirt: H&M Skirt: H&M Bag: H&M Ring: Somewhere in London Necklace: H&M)
Thank you my lovely Ur for the pictures.

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