Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hometown glory.

Autumn is just around the corner, you can feel breeze sneaking under your skin and you can see leaves falling down, hiding the path you're walking on. It's lovely outside. I believe autumn is the prettiest time to fall in love and the very last moment for unforgettable getaway towards the warm sun (I will soon wrap my hands around a hot mug and get cozy). The weather is just perfect for wearing scarves and awake winter coats in the storage. I love the smell of chestnuts while I'm walking through the city with my knitted headband.
I wish you all a great beginning of that magical time called autumn

(Outfit: Bracelet: Vintage Ring: H&M Bag: H&M Dress: H&M Shoes: H&M)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When one door closes, a window opens.

When something unexpectedly crosses your way and your goal is so far away that you can hardly see it, there is always a new possibility.  (I mean literally in every way) If you are anchored at the point of despair, opportunities to improve will be day by day more limited. At the critical moment, squeeze every energy you have left and search for new options, because something has to be accessible!
>Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.<
Amazing opportunities are unusual these days so grab it and don't let them go. Even if you think you're not prepared at that particular moment, push yourself to the next level and you will be surprised how fast you will realize that you made the right decision. If you don't succeed at first, I'm sure that you will at least learn a lot from that experience.

Who have set your future and who knows what you're capable of doing and what you can not do? I often wonder if people don't believe in second chances. How people can change and they can have a different view of life, of what makes them happy?

When something changes instantly some people never think that this might bring something good, it can as well mean a fresh start, a new era. I may sound really optimistic, but when I really need something in my life I won't let myself doubt that I'm not able to succeed.

(Outfit: Dress: Topshop Blazer: H&M Rings: Müller Scarf: H&M Shoes: H&M)
Thank you my lovely lady Stardust & Roses for the pictures.