Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hometown glory.

Autumn is just around the corner, you can feel breeze sneaking under your skin and you can see leaves falling down, hiding the path you're walking on. It's lovely outside. I believe autumn is the prettiest time to fall in love and the very last moment for unforgettable getaway towards the warm sun (I will soon wrap my hands around a hot mug and get cozy). The weather is just perfect for wearing scarves and awake winter coats in the storage. I love the smell of chestnuts while I'm walking through the city with my knitted headband.
I wish you all a great beginning of that magical time called autumn

(Outfit: Bracelet: Vintage Ring: H&M Bag: H&M Dress: H&M Shoes: H&M)


  1. Zelo lep oufit. Nakit, očala, torbica vse v kombinaciji (:

  2. Hvala Evelina, mi res veliko pomeni! (:
    Lepo bodi! XX