Monday, October 28, 2013

Among the trees and flowers.

I just adore days when you meet with one of your closest friend, cook her lunch and catch up, or simply grab a blanket, a thermos full of hot tea as my grandmother would make it and then go out and explore the park.

(Outfit: Bag: Renini ShoesLia Boutique Pants: Lia Boutique Scarf: H&M Shirt: H&M Necklace: Vintage Bracelet: H&M Blazer: H&M)
Thank you my lady Nina for the pictures.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inspiration: Closet dreams.

Every day is a fashion show & the world is your runway. (Coco Chanel)

I admire people who are committed and who own choice of wardrobe, who dare to be different. Fashion week is the ultimate time period when every fashion enthusiast come out of their shell and eagerly wait decisions that are created by Slovenian designers. 

This year my brilliant friend (who btw should have been strutting down the runway) gave me the honor of being her plus one. Yeah! 
So I literally had to change in 15 minutes and I had to put a shirt that I made complemented with pencil skirt and some black heels.

So, are you ready to see my favourites?
Here are my top designers this years with their looks.
I must say that I just loved INES atelier, I would accept every piece from her collection with open arms and enthusiasm. She is brilliant!

INES atelier

Urša Drofenik

Mojca Celin

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wake-up calls.

In life, there are all sorts of wake-up calls. Some bring a great future with a new start, and others are just a clear sign that something has to be changed. I had all sorts of experiences in life and when you're sure nothing can surprise you any more, there are always some exceptions that make you wonder how some people function in life. 

The fact is that it's difficult to re-pave the way that is already quite blunt, at least for me.I am a very patient person, but when you screw me up a couple of times.. oooh there's no turning back. Even so, I don't understand how people always say how "sorry" they are for the things that have happened in the past. Here is some advice... next time around, don't do things that you will be sorry for later. You left with no goodbye, without a single's like you didn't even want to try. So.. bye. Maybe when we'll 50 and we'll random see each other, we will forget the past, but for now is still pretty alive.

(Outfit: Blazer: Vintage Shirt: Zara Bag: Vintage Skirt: Made it myself Belt: H&M)
Thank you my lady Stardust & Roses for the pictures.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pastel clouds.

Sometimes I let my mind flow to cloudy world with the prettiest things. But mostly that's fashion. My collages remind me that I have to work hard and see bright future in front of me. 

>Every cloud has its silver lining.<

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.

 It is lovely to be in this "fashion circle", where trends are repeating. Every trend, the ones from 40's, high waisted pants and skirts, tailoring, or just thick heels, gets a second chance to be mixed in harmony and becomes something amazing. Eternal, hidden treasures will always be somewhere in storage, because every piece is the key, that counts as finishing touch.

Summer is already far away now, winter is coming and scarf is mandatory accessory. Regarding the cold wind, the only warm thing is tea in my hands.

(Outfit: Bag: Vintage Shirt: H&M Necklace: Vintage Pants: Lia Boutique Shoes: H&M)

I would literally collapsed to the ground in one second if I could attend just one show in Paris or Milan (Well, don't be picky Dunja .. anywhere!!), that is writing the history of fashion. Right about now, Alexander McQueen is presenting its creations for spring/summer 2014 in Paris, if I'm not mistaken and my sources are accurate.
Summer will be embraced by warm tones (Colours like watermelon, cherry, golden yellow..), cool tones ( Lemon lime, aquafresh, emerald, navy, olive..) and last but not least soft tones (Butter cream, peachy nude, sorbet, lavender, pale blue..), which are my favorite colours not just for the next summer but for the whole year, forever.

Thank you my Ila for the pictures.