Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wake-up calls.

In life, there are all sorts of wake-up calls. Some bring a great future with a new start, and others are just a clear sign that something has to be changed. I had all sorts of experiences in life and when you're sure nothing can surprise you any more, there are always some exceptions that make you wonder how some people function in life. 

The fact is that it's difficult to re-pave the way that is already quite blunt, at least for me.I am a very patient person, but when you screw me up a couple of times.. oooh there's no turning back. Even so, I don't understand how people always say how "sorry" they are for the things that have happened in the past. Here is some advice... next time around, don't do things that you will be sorry for later. You left with no goodbye, without a single's like you didn't even want to try. So.. bye. Maybe when we'll 50 and we'll random see each other, we will forget the past, but for now is still pretty alive.

(Outfit: Blazer: Vintage Shirt: Zara Bag: Vintage Skirt: Made it myself Belt: H&M)
Thank you my lady Stardust & Roses for the pictures.

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