Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY: Pencil skirt.

I was so excited when I ran across this amazing fabric and I immediately fell in love. So I threw together a super simple pencil skirt. When it comes to skirts, high waisted pencil skirts are my absolute favorite. Not only are pencil skirts the easiest pieces to make, but they also works well in many lengths and are insanely easy and comfortable to wear (and makes me feel incredibly feminine).
So.. If you can sort of operate a pair of scissors and sewing machine then you can make this skirt!

(Outfit: Skirt: Dunja. (My collection) Shoes: Zara Sweater: Mango Bag: H&M Scarf: H&M Flower: H&M T-Shirt: H&M )

Items needed:
1/2 or 3/4 yard of jersey knit fabric (more or less depending on your size)
Matching thread
Pencil skirt that currently fits
Kraft paper
Tailor's chalk

1.) Make sure the stretch of your fabric is going horizontally across your skirt, not vertically. 
2.) Using a pencil skirt that fits you, trace the outline of the skirt (using a marker) and cut the traced pattern
(cut out the front and the back of the skirt). >Add 3 cm to each side of the skirt for your seam allowance.<
3.) Using tailors chalk trace the track of the pins (using the chalk line as the edge of the fabric).
4.) With the skirt inside out and with the right sides of the fabric together, sew up the sides of the skirt with a 3 cm seam allowance. 
5.) Trim and zigzag or serge the raw edges, if desired (knits won't fray, so it's not necessary at all).
6.) Fold the waistband over twice and sew a straight stitch around the entire waistband.
7.) Measure the hemline to your desired length, then fold over twice and sew along the lower edge with a straight stitch, just like the waistband.  

And you're done! 
You can contact me with any questions! Happy sewing!

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