Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fashion fades.. but style is eternal. (Yves Saint Laurent)

It was Yves Saint Laurent who said, “Fashion fades.. but style is eternal.”

You can be very stylish, but feel bad because you hate the clothes that you're wearing. Know that the clothes you're wearing help express your personality well. Discover your individual style and learn the secrets of great accessorising, creating a beautifully co-ordinated wardrobe with choices for all occasions.
If you want to find a style you adore that reflects who you are, then let’s talk.

Classic elegance is easy to fall in love with and once my clients select a few favorites, garment is made with intention and hand selected from the finest materials to suite their personality. Do you ever draw clothing in your mind that you want to have, that would be just perfect for a particular occasion? Have you ever wished that someone would also empower those ideas? Now you can realize your desire, because custom made pieces are also available on request. Your ideas will come to life!

I can help you put it all together, pick the absolute best fits, colors and styles for exactly what you need. And I can also help you with organizing your closet (and personal shopping), give you super styling session for special occasions or a complete makeover. 

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