Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Inspiration: Street style trends.

See street style from the world's most stylish cities at fashion week through my eyes. It can be detected from urban looks that bounces to the beat of Hip-Hop and R&B, puts a unique twist on ready-to-wear, and mixes high and low fabulously, preppy styled ladies who spice it up with vintage Chanel bags, to timeless elegant simplicity of pastel colours mixed with oversized blazers or coats. 

We can also see this seasons biggest trouser trend a.k.a. Miroslava-Duma-pants (she is my ultimate favorite fashion icon and she has been wearing those tipe of pants since I remember), statement wide-leg trousers. And really, what's not to love? They're sophisticated but comfortable and a smart solution for day-to-night outfit. It is even better to dare and wear them with a sigle mesmerizing pattern from head-to-toe (with matching cropped top or blazer). And last but not least, do not forget your special little (or very big) charm box, statement quirky bag.


Inspiration: The mid-length skirts!

 It is lovely to be in this "fashion circle", where trends are repeating. Every trend, the ones from 40's, high waisted pants and skirts, tailoring, or just thick heels, gets a second chance to be mixed in harmony and becomes something amazing. Eternal, hidden treasures will always be somewhere in storage, because every piece is the key, that counts as finishing touch.

Forget the mini and maxi skirts, there’s a new length in town. Say hello to the 3/4 length skirt. Dita von Teese is recognized and known for these tipe of skirt. Following up with FW I couldn't help noticing this shape (somewhere below the knee and above the ankle) of skirt which will be a major trend next season for summer.
The midi skirt was a popular length in the 1940s, a fashion decade known for its elegance and grace. Than the trend was popularized again in the early 1970s and as always, fashion has repeated itself and the midi is the must-have piece for 2014. Some claim it's an "unflattering" length, but it's a lot sexier than any short skirt because it leaves more to the imagination. Retro, swingy, soft and flirty skirts look great with heels and fitted sweater or just with a basic shirt. If you are short, stick to a skirt that hits just above or below the knee. For taller ladies, any length will do so long as it doesn’t go below your ankles.

Summer will be embraced by warm tones (Colours like watermelon, cherry, golden yellow..), cool tones Lemon lime, aquafresh, emerald, navy, olive..) and last but not least soft tones (Butter cream, peachy nude, sorbet, lavender, pale blue..), which are my favorite colours not just for the next summer but for the whole year, forever.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Timeless black. My evening collection.

As it was said, you can dream of what you can achieve. Your dreams are achievable, if you put in the effort to make it work. 

It's amazing to think, that the beautiful clothes we see gracing the runway, start as an abstract idea or a simple sketch. That is how my evening collection was made. From an idea, rough sketches, choice of colors and materials, putting it all together and finally, to hand sewed tiny beads, which are a trademark of this collection. My collection represents elegant, confident and sofisticated women. Black. It's my ultimate favorite colour. It is timeless, you can mix it with any color you like, at that particular moment and it looks great on any figure.

My pieces are available at this lovely, cute and elegant boutique Babushka boutique, where you can try it on, take a spin infront of the mirror and see the most adorable pieces in Ljubljana.

I would like to thank my stunning friend and model Sara, lovely lady Amr, from Stardust & Roses for the pictures and patience,  Kaja from KE Make up, for amazing make up and last but not least my good friend Urša from Kolbek hair salon.

Friday, February 14, 2014

All you need is love.

Never knew I could feel like this, like I've never seen the sky before. Want to vanish inside your kiss, every day I love you more and more(Moulin Rouge)

(Outfit: Shoes: Zara Belt: Zara Shirt: H&M Flower: H&M)
Thank you my special lady Sara for the pictures.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pastel mood.

Now, here in Slovenia we can all feel winter's tale. So, in the adventure of gray days, I wanted a bit of color. You love pastels? It is one of those I'm in love moments of pure visual bliss. Now my obsession should be quite obvious. Baby blue, soft pink, lavender, mint, cream - all these colors and their shades will be undisputed must have of spring-summer 2014. I want a speedy arrival of spring and plenty of pastel color trend. There’s no such thing as a great coat. This coat, fashioned boyfriend continues the theme of the notorious «white obsession». White coat.

(Outfit: Coat: Lia Boutique Skirt: Made it myself Bag: H&M Sweater: Mango Shirt: H&M Ring: Lia Boutique)
Thank you my lovely lady Steki for the pictures. Love.