Monday, March 17, 2014

Another birthday cake.

The last year has passed so quickly. One year older, another birthday cake and a lot of new exciting experiences. 
Not to mention this past year has really been one of my most amazing, busy, challenging, stressful and full of happiness since I remember. I have done a lot of things in the past year. I thought that I would accomplish some of them in ten years not in just one year.
I began to pursue my dreams, got my store, I made my fashion collection, I'm writing columns for a big fashion company and I've tighten important friendships. And I'm allowed to continue paying it foward, my biggest passion and all my knowlege of dance to the youngest. And most important, I can enjoy every single day with my love.

(Outfit: Dress: Topshop Shoes: Zara Ring: Somewhere in NYC Bag:
Thank you, my best friend for the amazing day and the pictures. Love.

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