Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sixties: Glory decade.

There has never been a decade quite like the sixties. "Buster browns" shoes, box dresses, conservative looks (think Jackie Onassis), Brigitte Bardot, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Soda Pop came in glass bottles, Woodstock, Andy Warhol, flower children, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and last but not least Lesley Hornby.

Lesley Lawson (Hornby), widely known by the nickname Twiggy.
Even though her success was controversial at the time, she remains not only a fashion touchstone, but has also, managed to stay relevant and productive for decades.
1967 was the year of the vulnerable, unvarnished, and most astonishing of all: the impossibly young face of Twiggy.
in the swingin’ 60s as a model icon and revolutionized the fashion world

She revolutionized fashion world with her boyishly cropped hair, faint spray of freckles and huge, wide-open eyes. In the decades to come, Twiggy went on to become a singer, an actress (both stage and screen) and a television personality.
Women dressed in a very feminine fashion. Dainty accessories, perfectly placed hairdos and classic silhouettes ruled. In 1963 first came the deeply plunging necklines introduced in Paris spring collections. Pale lipsticks and nail polish replaced the vivid shades. Youth continued to set the pace for fashion. Enter 1966, where the look was much more sleek and modern. The lines were sharper and more form-fitting. The belt did not define the waist anymore, instead it created a new “fit and flare” attitude.

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